Your Guide to A Very Beetnik Labor Day!

Posted On: August 24, 2015

It seems just yesterday that we were so excited to kick off the summer with our Memorial Day menu! But somehow, just like that, the summer is winding down. We live in an area where grilling is a year round activity, but for some, Labor Day marks the beginning of the end of summertime grilling.

So let’s get started!

Think About Variety:


Variety is the key to life – and it’s even better when that variety is on sale! We brought down the prices of our popular variety packs so that you could try out grass fed beef patties, meatballs or even our delicious sirloins. An excellent way to give summer the send off it deserves!

Keep it Simple with an Organic Ribeye:

In other words, this Ribeye doesn’t mess around. Often refered to as “the good stuff,” try one of our perfectly marbled rib-eyes. All organic, all grass fed – the mere idea of cooking these on a grill makes us hungry! We particularly love it with a quick balsamic reduction!



Basque Scallops

Not sure what to begin? We’d start with something you could use for an appetizer. Our scallops are the perfect bite size snack for your guests and friends. You can find a quick recipe in this previous blog post.


The Classic Burger

If you’re hosting friends or helping with last minute party planning, we’ve got one word for you: BURGERS. We understand that food can be a tricky topic when faced with feeding a large group of folks and nothing can be tastier than a good ol’ fashioned burger spread! With the right organization, burgers can be one of the most cost effective and crowd pleasing menu items out there. Simply cook up those grass-fed patties and set out a mini-buffet of toppings, it’s time for some fun!

classic burger

Grilled Salmon Tacos

Perfect for a quick, weeknight meal with a bit flare, we enjoyed our wild caught salmon when it was tucked away into a bed of warm tortillas, mango slaw and avocados. Perfect as a backup in case one of your guests isn’t interested in red meat.


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