Your Guide to Using Herbes de Provence

Posted On: December 14, 2015

Hailing from the the Provence region of southwest France, this fragrant herb mixture can take an ordinary dish to new heights with just a couple shakes! Provençal herbs are a blend of automatic herbs that come alive during the summer months in Southern France. Picked and dried, they have been used in different variations for countless years by residents of the area.

What’s In It?

Everyone has their own special blend, but the most commonly known are marojam, rosemary, thyme, savory and oregano. some use bay leaf, thyme, fennel, rosemary, chervil, oregano, tarragon, summer savory and in some cases, mint and lavender are added.

How Do I Use It?

Herbs de Provence is an excellent addition to organic proteins. We are partial to pairing it with our organic, free range chickens (see this upcoming video for details!). We’ve seen it pair well with Mediterranean food and various wild caught fish dishes. You can add it to potatoes before roasting them for a touch of flavor. It’s wonderful in salads and stews and can be added to a shallow dish of olive oil for dipping. We’ve been known to season an entire chicken before roasting, as its a wonderful way to cover all bases with just one spice blend.




Where do I Get It?

Easily found in grocery stores across the country, you can pick a pre-mixed package. However, you can also make your own! Simply gather chosen dried herbs and mix together! You can add and subtract to your liking, just make sure to put the mixture in an airtight container for future use.

Some Recipes…

Halibut Provincial

Perfectly Roasted Chicken

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