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Beetnik Sells Organic Paleo Frozen Meals

Paleo frozen meals WalMartA paleolithic diet — often referred to as the Paleo Diet — is a way of eating that replicates the diet of early, Paleolithic humans. Before the advent of settled agriculture around 10,000 years ago, humans obtained their food by hunting and gathering.

The predominant foods acquired by this method were vegetable oils, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables. This low-fat, low-sugar diet was eventually replaced by one that relied heavily on new and evolving processing methods.

Over the centuries, humans started to eat more processed meat, dairy produce, starchy vegetables and processed grains. Leading nutritionists and organizations such as the Mayo Clinic believe this relatively sudden change in the human diet is one of the reasons why obesity, heart disease and diabetes are so prevalent in modern society.

The Paleo Diet — or caveman diet — aims to capture the various health benefits of the human race’s early eating habits. Adapted to modern tastes and lifestyles, the diet forbids or limits salt, refined sugars, dairy, potatoes, grains and legumes. Saturated fats and trans fats are replaced with unsaturated fats, which promote good cardiovascular health and weight loss.

Frozen Meals for Paleolithic Diet Followers

If you’re following a Paleo eating plan, you’re probably used to preparing many of your meals from scratch. But who wants to slave away in the kitchen after a long, hard day at work?  Measuring ingredients, preparation, cooking and staying vigilant when it comes to forbidden foods all takes time — which you may not have if you need to balance work commitments with family life.

Thanks to the range of organic, Paleo frozen meals from Beetnik Foods, you can enjoy all the benefits of healthy organic frozen meals without any of the hard work.

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Paleo frozen meals


Our Paleo frozen meals are gluten-free, certified organic and packed with essential nutrients. We make all of our Paleo foods using sustainable and ethically-produced ingredients, and we package them using recyclable materials.  You don’t need to worry about preparing Paleo food after a hard day at work when you have Beetnik meals in your freezer. Fresh, wholesome and packed with flavor, our organic Paleo frozen meals make following the special diet at home easier than ever.

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