Thomas B. 4/16/18 Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for making it easier to eat a health diet!! I have high blood pressure and have to closely monitor my sodium intake. Finding a frozen meal that I can eat was virtually impossible until I found your product, and it tastes fantastic! Keep up the good work!!!
Shannon H. 3/19/18 My name is Shannon Harris, I have nothing but positive things to say about your products. I am very invested in nutrition and fitness. I have been in love with your company since I came across it. I constantly brag about this to my professors, and classmates. I am currently a Nutrition Science student at Purdue University, and I promote healthy products that I am passionate about. I have set up booths in the past during events to promote products, and I have handed out samples to other people, classmates, and professors. I also attend a nutrition and fitness expo a couple times a year. I would also be willing to promote anything sent to me on any social media that you would like. I would greatly appreciate any sample products, or full sized products that I can share with others and promote at any upcoming events. I really think that I could get new customers for you, while helping people better their health. Thank you so much for your time, and I will be sure to keep in touch. Until then, I will always continue to buy your products, and share them with the people around me.
Tiffany C. 3/31/18 I am writing because we have been buying your Beetnik meals (the dinner meals – the braised beef, the chicken with plantains, and the pork) (as well as the other meals – chili, chicken stir fry, shepherds pie) from the Walmart grocery here by us on US1. Recently, this week I have traveled to 3 different walmarts by us looking for the meals and it seems at all three the dinner portions are not available. I was wondering if you are no longer servicing to the Walmarts here? I am disappointed and hoping you still are. My husband and I try to eat Paleo and we absolutely love these meals!!!!
Patricia B. 2/27/18 i just wanted to let your company know that you are doing a awesome job. Keep up the great work and thank you
Valerie B. 12/2/17 Hello! I love your products!!! Recently, on vacation I purchased a few meals for the hotel room (as I eat a low sodium diet). However the organic lemon chicken was unsealed and very feeezer burned. I was bummed because I’ve never tried that one before and I was not able to exchange/return it while in Orlando. But thanks again for the great low sodium choices.
J.J. L. 11/29/17 Thank you for making such delicious healthy food that is organic and does not contain MSG. I have really enjoyed eating the chili entree and the Shepherd’s Pie. I would love to try the meatballs too, but the Myrtle Beach SC area WalMarts don’t stock it. If they were available I would buy them frequently. Thank You for everything. The existence of your company makes me happy. JJ Lorentz, musician,piano player and songwriter
Angela S. 11/21/17 Hi, I am contacting your company to request coupons and/or samples for my sister-in-law. She is a cancer survivor and can only buy organic or all natural foods. Because of this, she struggles every month to afford her groceries. I am hoping to surprise her this Christmas with as many coupons and samples that I can gather from companies such as yours. Anything your company can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time and for creating such wonderful products! Happy Holidays! Sincerely, Angela Scott
Samantha D. 10/26/17 I absolutely love love love your products. They always greatly satisfy and impress me. I’ve been buying your products for many years now and I will continue to buy them. I was wanting to know if I could receive any coupons or samples at all. It would be super appreciated and I would be very grateful. Thank you so so much for being an amazing company and for making great products!

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